woensdag 18 augustus 2010

How to deal with a pit bull

woensdag 18 augustus 2010
Een paar tips over verdediging tegen pitbulls uit de VS.

The ultimate undesired event
I do pray that you never reach this point, but if you do, you must perform as boldly and swiftly as possible. Emotions work against you -- you must not be shy about violence, guts, or killing now. Do not run away now!

Make sure the forearm is the most available part of your body for the dog. If you're thinking of it as a shield, prioritize blocking your throat and face.

As the terrier sinks into your forearm, use your other (preferred) hand to grab the dog's opposite leg. If you are right-handed, offer your your left forearm, and use your right hand to grab the dog's own right front leg -- that's the leg to your left as you are looking at him! Picture it, and run this through your mind a few times.

If you are left handed, offer your right forearm for the bite, and grab the dog's left front arm (which is to your right as you face the dog!) with your good left hand.

Let's pause to remind ourselves that everything we are doing is intended to convert this into a human battle instead of a dog battle -- that is, a fight where you will have the advantages. This means that instead of just the dog holding you and being free to release and re-attach, ripping more and more pieces out of you:

1.you must pin/hold/lock the dog -- you do not have jaws like he does, but you have a hand that can close around his leg and not let go;
2.the dog must be brought down to the ground -- pinned and unable to jump -- preferably crushed / having difficulty breathing -- if the dog is on the ground upside-down , all the better; and
3.you need to take advantage of those adept fingers of yours -- but you cannot use them until your good hand is free to let go without the dog escaping.

Flip, crush, strangle, and gouge...

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